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The Cleanse Packages

Our basic Cleanse can be done as 
a one day liquid fast, or a 2 or 3 day cleanse.  

Juice Cleanse
each day is $50​

Day 1 
Morning Lyte 
Master Cleanse 
Green Boost
​Carrot Kick
Chronic Health Shot

Day 2
Morning Lyte
Morning Glory
Maser Cleanse
Clean Green
Carrot Kick
Pick Me Up 
Chronic Health Shot

Day 3
Morning Lyte
Green Boost
Master Cleanse
Clean Green
The Finish Line 
Chronic Health Shot

Additional Package Options:
​Hydration Package
20% off when buying a 3 day hydration package!
$6 for 1 day (3 bottles)
$18 for 3 days (9 bottles)

Shot Package
buy 2 & get the 3rd free!
Breath of Fire $2.75
Green Alka-Lime $2.25
Antioxidant Boost $2.25
Ginger $2.25
Aloe $1.50
Flax $1.50

Nut Mylks 
Almond Mylk $8.50
Chai Mylk $8.50
Chocolove Mylk $8.50

Assorted Muffin $3.29
Pumpkin Spiced Nuts $2.99
Chai Chia Pudding $2.25

The Green Salad $4.99
The Probiotic Salad $4.99
Protein Packed Quinoa $4.49

Nectar provides all juices Cold Pressed.

Continually hydrate with good pure water,
 &/or herbal teas above & beyond what 
you receive as part of the cleanse.  
This is important to flush the 
toxins removed by the cleanse.

If decide to eat, try to eat you heaviest meal as lunch and No eating after 6pm to allow digestion to complete (ask for a list of alkaline foods).  Herbal teas like Yogi tea or lemon water are perfect for after 6pm.
We suggest you avoid:
meat & poultry
refined starches like bread, white rice & pasta 
dairy & egg products 
sugar, alcohol & nicotine

Although we don't believe in calorie counting, we know it is a constant concern for many individuals. Please don't think of our cleanse programs as a weight reduction diet; we want to get you out of that mentality & into an understanding that our drinks, including our fresh-pressed vegetable juices, are nutrient dense optimal nourishment. That being said, all of our juices range from 56-246 calories per bottle. 

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